Wai Wai Spinach

Vegeterian Cholesterol free

Wai Wai Spinach Noodle is a convenient and tasty instant noodle option that combines the appeal of instant noodles with the nutritional benefits of spinach. These noodles are popular for their vibrant green color and the added nutritional benefits of spinach.

Price Per Packet :  25.00


Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts Per 100g
Energy Kcal 471.6
Fat of Which 20.8
MUFA g 7.5
PUFA g 2.5
Cholesterol mg 0
Carbohydrate 63.1
Protein g 8
Sodium g 1240
Sugar g 1.5
Protein g 10


Wheat flour, Edible Vegetable Oil(Palm oil), Iodised Salt, Spinach flakes, wheat gluten, Thickener (E412), Acidity Regulator (E500ii, E451i, E170i)


Seasoning: Iodized Salt, Flavor Enhancers (E621, E627, E631), Soy Sauce Powder, Sugar, Maltodextrin (E1400), Garlic, Dehydrated spinach flakes,Curry Powder, Black Salt, Coriander, Black Pepper, Chili, Cumin, Acidity Regulators (E296, E330, E331i), Turmeric, Ginger, Vitamin & Mineral Premix, Clove, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Mace, Fenugreek, Fruit Powder, Milk Solids, Fennel, Cheese Powder, Ajwain, Anticaking Agent (E551), HVP, Starch, Antioxidants (E220, E307).

Oil Sachet

Edible vegetable oil (Palm Olien) and onion


Contains permitted natural colour.


Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place.